Nancy Saiya didn’t start off as a tea expert.  In fact, the aerospace buyer was a long time coffee drinker who rarely drank tea.  Over the years her interest in tea expanded for the reasons of it not be highly caffeinated, cleanses the pallet and healthier in cleaning unwanted toxins in our system and of course the growing popularity. I begin to notice that my associates would make tea and leave their tea bags or portable infuser in their cup for long periods of time for reasons they had no where to dispose their used tea bags or loose tea.  In the office, wet trash could only be disposed in our desk trash cans, only in break rooms or out of the way locations. After long hours, dedication over the past two years I thought of the idea to store the tea remnants under the cup until one could dispose of it. That’s when I came up with the idea of The Tea Totaler™. This concept contributes to having a much better cup of tea at the desired strength of the tea drinker. Also, their tea was in a ceramic cup which would get cold and easy to spill.  The concept of The Tea Totaler™ solves this problem. Other products are currently being developed as part of the Tea Totaler™ family.